Second-Hand Uniform

Donations / Stock

We are happy to take donations of any unwanted dance wear (including shoes), for any style class (ballet, tap etc), and hold them as 2nd hand stock.

If you have any unwanted dance wear we'd be most grateful if you could donate it for others to make good use of.

2nd hand uniform can be purchased at a minimum donation fee of £2 per item (if you can give more it would be gratefully received).

The money collected will cover admin time / storage plus any additional donations will go towards YRAD's big dreams of having one big dance venue with fabulous facilities and equipment. To arrange a donation drop off or to check stock please email Miss Kerry.

Buy & Sell 2nd hand uniform

If you have used dance wear that you would like to either donate or offer at a cheaper price for our parents we also have a specific Group Facebook page that allows you to do just that. You can also pick up 2nd hand uniform — click here to go to the page.​

Thank you for helping others and helping us all become that bit more environmentally friendly!