pre-loved Uniform

Donations / Stock

We are happy to take donations of any unwanted dance wear (including shoes), for any style class (ballet, tap etc), and hold them as pre-loved stock.

If you have any unwanted dance wear we'd be most grateful if you could donate it for others to make good use of.

A list of available pre-loved uniform can be requested by email or found on our YRAD-Members Facebook page.

Donations collected cover admin time / storage plus any additional donations go towards YRAD's big dream of having one "dance home" with fabulous facilities and equipment. To arrange a donation drop off, or to check stock please email

Buy & Sell yourself

If you have used dance wear that you would like to either donate or offer at a cheaper price for other students/parents head to our specific Members only Facebook Group which allows you to do just that — click here to go to the page.​

Thank you for helping others and helping us all become that bit more environmentally friendly!