Mum of Esther and Hannah Nixon - Ballet and Modern Jazz and Contemporary

"My 2 daughters have attended the Yorkshire Rose Academy of Dance for Ballet and Modern Jazz Dance classes for over 2 years and they love it. The teachers have a steady but upbeat manner, are really bright and breezy and know their stuff. They're great dancers too! Thier communication is very good and as a parent I always know what is going on. I also go along to a watch a session once a term to see the girls' progress, which is always good. The classes are great value for money - the terms are really long and the teachers request the girls arrive 5 minutes before the start of the class to get ready, so none of the actual class time is wasted."

Dad of Angela - Age 7 - Ballet and Musical Theatre

"Ballet has been one of the most beneficial lessons Angela has attended, building her confidence and discipline, and she just wants more! She's also loving the Musical Theatre classes with Miss Devon.
Great academy."

Mum of Amelie and Harriet - Age 2 and 4 - Ballet.

"My daughters, Amelie and Harriet, both started ballet lessons at 2 and a half years old and have never looked back. Miss Kerry uses a mix of traditional ballet steps and story telling to make it a fun, interactive, yet professional learning experience. Both my girls have grown in confidence and ability very quickly and always look forward to their Monday ballet classes!"

Mum of Daisy and Pippa - Multiple Classes and the School's first Summer school.

"Thank you very much to all the teachers work and effort in running the Matilda summer school and putting on the performance. Daisy and Pippa have had a brilliant week, enjoying every minute of it, and I was absolutely blown away by the results. The standard of the performance by all the children was outstanding. It brought tears to my eyes and I can't stop smiling thinking about it!"

Mum of Isobel and Eleanor - Multiple Classes and the School's first Summer school.

"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful Summer School. My two had such a good time, it was lovely seeing them so happy and excited about what they'd been doing and were going to do the next day. 

I thought the show was really well thought out and they all looked like they were having a lot of fun during it. 

I could clearly see what a lot of work and planning Miss Kerry and Miss Anna had put into it- and it paid off."

Ruth - Mum of Eleanor and Hannah and Zumba goer

"Kerry is a brilliant teacher and I'd highly recommend her classes to anyone. Both my girls absolutely love their ballet classes with her. Kerry's enthusiasm for her work is infectious and I've not only seen my girls posture improve but their confidence has grown enourmously. They're forever dancing around the house now. Kerry holds a specific watching week once a term where family members can come along which is much better than parents being a distraction every week. I know parents who have moved their children to this dance school as they have heard such good reports. 

I also go to Kerry's zumba classses where her enthusiam again shines through. Her routines are brilliantly choreographed giving me a good workout while having fun at the same time."

Mum of Leah Dalby, Grade 6 and Intermediate Foundation Ballet

"My daughter has been dancing for 10 years and due to geography, she has been dancing with Miss Kerry since last year. She loves her lessons and is learning all the time. She and Miss Kerry work well together. The classes are well disciplined by her "light touch" and manner, which commands respect and inspires the pupils. The students are keen to learn and benefit from her excellent demonstrations and clear explanations. Miss Kerry is well organised and teaches with a generous and open heart."

Mum of Heidi Jackson, Age 3, Pre-School

Heidi has been attending Miss Kerry's Ballet classes for 2 term's now and she is always eager to go and enjoys the classes very much. Miss Kerry is really in tune with how to teach young children and uses fun age-appropriate techniques to get the best out of the children and teach ballet moves. A great fun class!

Mum of Nuala Phillips, Age 3, Pre-School

"Our daughter looks forward all week to Miss Kerry's ballet class. It is the first class we have enrolled her in and we weren't sure how she would take to it. From the very first class she has been made to feel so welcome and has been encouraged and nurtured. She was probably one of the youngest in the class when she started at two and a half, but the class has really brought on her physical development and is allowing her to develop in something she really loves."

Becki - Adult Zumba

"I am 47 and had never done any exercise until I started coming to Zumba. I enjoy Zumba so much I go twice a week and want to go more. I was so inspired that I joined the gym and decided to get fit. I go to pilates now too although Zumba is my favourite. Thank you for making exercise such fun- it has changed my life!"

Claudette, Adult Zumba

"I have only been going to Zumba class for 6 weeks but I have loved it! I had never done a Zumba but now I am hooked thanks to Kerry. Her classes are energetic and fun, and I know that if I mess up the routines it doesn't matter as long as I'm moving.

Anna, Age 17, Grade 7

"I have been dancing in Miss Kerry's class for 2 terms now and feel that my technique and artistry have both improved significanty as a result of her excellent teaching. She is a bubbly and friendly teacher who is clear and thorough at giving corrections and directions. Her enthusiasm for, not only learning the steps, but also understanding the history and style behind them has been a fascinating part of the class and one which I have not often found in other classes. 

Mum of Viva, Age 4, Pre-school

"Miss Kerry does something I thought only Mary Poppins was capable of - a balance of warmth and poise that the girls adore. They love their ballet class and so do I. The only downside is the inevitable arguments about who gets to be 'Miss Kerry' in the ballet school game they play as soon as they get home. 

Lara, Age 16, Grade 7

"Miss Kerry's emphasis on technique and accumulative way of teaching, combined with her kindness and good humour, is a treat. She is a very talented and extremely capable  instructress to us all."

Mum of Alice, Age 6, Primary

"Miss Kerry is a dedicated and professional Ballet Teacher. My husband and I, are very pleased with the outcome of the two years we have invested in our daughter's Ballet classes. I have been following her development and observed how Ballet has helped to better control her body movements and, as an overactive child, a much improved behaviour."

Mum of Emily and Natasha, Grade 3 and Grade 6

"Its been fabulous to see how technique and performance has dramatically improved across all abilities in both my daughter's classes. I love the way Miss Kerry really 'performs' her demonstrations to the class - it sets such a great example!"

Mum of Jessica and Rebecca, Ages 4 & 5, Pre-Primary

Both my girls thoroughly enjoy Ballet and all credit is to Miss Kerry. They have developed a love of dance and are always keen to play 'ballet school', taking it in turns to be 'Miss Kerry'! With non-stop games and adventures. Not only has she taught them lots of new steps and started to get them thinking about their posture, but has helped their concentration, patience and listening too."

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