Back to basics..

September 24, 2018


WELCOME BACK!   to YRAD this September.. 


Did you all have a fab summer?! 


Miss Cheryl here!

Unfortunately I've not been well this week, which is why the lovely Miss Sophie covered my classes this weekend. (Thanks Miss Sophie!) So I thought whilst I'm resting up on the sofa going a little bit stir-crazy, I'd take the time to explain what's been going on in a few classes as we've started the new term. 

We've had the ace new booking system in place - Check out the timetable and bookings here!



We've had NEW CLASSES!






And just a little bit about being back to class.. 


Just to remind students and parents that the first few weeks after the summer holidays some classes may well be running on the theme of "back to basics". 


Now all of my students (Miss Cheryl) were warned before the summer that this would be the case. HOWEVER, if they practiced well over the summer, we wouldn't have to spend as much time going back to basics. And believe it or not, we're pretty good as teachers at being able to tell who spent a decent amount of time stretching or practicing ;) 


It's super important to make sure students are back to their usual strength and flexibility before continuing their training from before the summer.

When students are used to doing X amount of classes a week, as well as walking to and from school every day, P.E lessons and other sports clubs, and then they go to 6-8 weeks of not very much exercise at all (depending on your summer itinerary), they will most likely lose a little of what they have worked hard to gain. 

I only know that I can DEFINITELY feel the difference when I've had a few weeks off going to the gym, right? 


Strength and flexibility are very difficult to gain, yet very easy to lose. I see a lot of students coming back to class with a lot less flexibility and strength than they had before the summer, but with the same amount of enthusiasm (which is fantastic by the way). But sometimes this means that, for example in Acro, students want to attempt moves that they were progressing to before summer, but with less strength or flexibility, which then becomes dangerous. Or you may get a very excitable student dropping into the splits when they usually can.. but have had 8 weeks off, so this results in them injuring themselves.. not good!


I have repeated and repeated all of this to my students before and after the summer holidays, especially during the first week back. They will be sick of listening to it by next week! But it means that they understand that we're going "back to basics" for their own safety and for them to progress with the technique and strength that they need. And of course so that they don't think I've become completely forgetful and forgotten all of the skills that they can do! 


This is especially important in acro, as the students are taking their whole body weight in their hands or stretching into crazy positions! Although it is still relevant in most other classes too. 



Anyway, it's great to be back to classes at YRAD and fantastic to hear all of your summer holiday adventures. 


See you all soon! 


Lots of love








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