Good Vibes Only!

July 12, 2018

I am a big believer in positive vibes. Mind set can play a huge part in whether your dance class is successful or not. 


I (Miss Cheryl) have banned the word "CAN'T", or more the phrase "I CAN'T DO IT" from my classes. Sometimes, I even have to give them a penalty for using the phrase if there are repeat offenders ;).


I believe that thinking in a positive way about what you're doing can have a positive impact on the outcome. In fact, it's true, I studied psychology at A-level and the situation I'm talking about is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.. basically, if you stand there and say "I can't do a handstand!" Then sure, you probably won't be able to do one. However! If you stand and say "I'm going to try my hardest to do a handstand" It's probably going to go pretty well.


Dance is challenging. It's challenging to learn. It's challenging to stretch and strengthen your body. And doesn't always seem positive if you're having a hard day, or your body is tired. But it's worth it.


This post doesn't just relate to dance, but to everyday life. And I'm sure that by training our minds to think positively, parents may benefit just as much as children.


It's healthy to be aware of your thoughts, and let them come and go. I once listened to a guided meditation that stuck with me. It spoke about our minds being like the sky. The sky is always the sky whether clouds come and go, they may be huge rainstorms or gentle clouds, but the sky stays the same. Just as our mind is still who we are, and the thoughts come and go. We can try to learn to accept the negative thoughts, and let them pass by as if they are only clouds. Remembering this idea has helped me a great deal in letting negative thoughts arrive, accepting them, then letting them pass through, and focusing on the positive ones. Not an easy thing to do.

It's not easy to think so positively all the time. But the more we try, the more it becomes a healthy habit, and eventually something we don't even need to think about.


I'd love to be able to help guide the children towards a positive mind set during dance classes. Even if it is only in class time for the moment, it's a habit that will grow into everyday life.


Let's believe we CAN do that handstand, let's believe we can improve our splits. Let's focus on the positive outcome rather than the work it takes to get there.



  at all.

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