A look back at our stretching competition!

July 12, 2018

YRAD has run a Stretching Competition for the last half term. This involved stretching at home and sending in progress pictures and creative stretching photos. 


First of all.. a huge WELL DONE to everyone who entered. All of your photo's were brilliant, and I'm so happy that you were all stretching at home. Stretching is SO important, check out this blog post to see why - Practice Makes Perfect.. Literally! 


So the well done for entering and being awesome goes out to.. Anna H, Primrose, Rosie, Anna Lee, Eleanor, Minori, Ian, Pippa, Rudy, Isobel, Voilet-Evie, Freya, Elena, Aimee, Sophie J, Grace and Jatou.


Here are a couple of our entries photos.. 














Points were given for different stretches, progress photos etc. To see the full rules, check out our recent blog post Stretching Competition.


Our winners were.. 



 Look at the improvement in Anna's splits and Minori's back flexibility! WOW!

This shows how important it is to stretch at home, their improvement in just a month is pretty incredible! Just imagine if everyone stretched this much, all the time! We'd all be super bendy. Your ability in class would improve so much! 

I hope that you will all stretch over the summer holidays. When your body is used to dancing and stretching during class every week, and then you have 6/7 weeks off, your flexibility will decrease.  So you should stretch to maintain your flexibility! And then stretch even more to increase your flexibility. 


For stretching advice, just ask your teacher in class. 


Keep stretching! 


Lots of love






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