Dance hair, and why we care!

July 5, 2018


Dancing is just about moving your body, right? Nope. It's about so many other things. You can see from our other blog posts just how important dance is for social and development skills, building relationships, learning to work hard and discipline. 


One way that dance class teaches discipline is Uniform. Uniform is important. Not only does it teach a child to make sure they pack the right things and be aware of a uniform, it is there so that we as teachers can see your dancers body, whether they are moving in the right way or holding themselves correctly. It's also important from a safety aspect. A good example would be in acro, it wouldn't be safe for a teacher to spot your child in a back walkover in a baggy t-shirt. Another good example is footwear, you'd expect to slip in socks, but be safe in ballet shoes. 


A huuuuuge part of the uniform discipline that we teach is hair. Your dancers hair should be off their face for dance class. And for Ballet, they should have a ballet bun. Now I'm sure you are all aware of this already, but I'll explain why it's so important. 


  •  Following rules. The rules for hair are there, we've got to follow them! Respect your teacher and the rules that have been set. 


  • If your dancer has hair in their eyes when they are dancing, it becomes unsafe for them to move around. I find in my contemporary classes when the children are practicing turns, that the ones with hair that falls into their face, can't turn. If something blocks your vision like that when you are spotting, you can't spot correctly and you get dizzy. Which either means bad technique or falling over! 


  • Safety, again. In acro has their hair down, it becomes unsafe to attempt any move where they have to be upside down because they can't see, which means they can't land. And we go upside down A LOT in acro. 


  • To be presentable. A classical ballet bun is beautiful and traditional. It honours the art form. You wouldn't see a professional ballet production where the dancers have loose, messy buns falling in their face. 

We understand that timings between school and classes can be tricky sometimes. We also understand that hair isn't always an easy thing to do. (Me for example, Miss Cheryl, I am admittedly rubbish at hair.)

But if we practice, we can learn. Again, I'll use myself as an example. I learnt how to do French plaits in hair at a gymnastics event where no one turned up with the correct hair and I had to do it.. before this, I couldn't do a French plait, but after the panic of no one being ready, I was great! 

We can all learn how to do a perfect bun. If class times are tricky with school, we can always do hair in the morning and have it last all day ready for class in the evening. (A tight high ponytail with a good bobble is paramount for it to stay in all day or for the duration of their class).


Check out this Pinterest board with a few helpful tips.. just click here 



Lots of love







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Dance hair, and why we care!

July 5, 2018

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