Stretching Competition!


This competition is all about stretching! 

We thought we would run a competition to encourage our dancers to stretch at home. See previous blog posts as to why stretching is super important! :) 



Anyone who attends weekly classes with YRAD in any style. That means any age and any level. (Yep... even our 2.5yr olds can get involved!)



The competition will run from June 4th - July 8th. (One week before the end of term, allowing us to find winners and let them know before the Summer Holiday break) 


What do we want to see?

A "Before" and "After" photo of a chosen stretch that your dancer wants to improve on. This could be the splits, a needle position, a back bend, a foot stretch. Anything they choose, but they must stick with the stretch once they've chosen it.


Example Stretches (but not limited to):

~Right leg Splits

~Left Leg Splits

~Box Splits

~Needle Split


~Instep stretch


Here's a link to our Pinterest board with a few sample stretches and helpful tips!



Candidate names and photo's to be submitted via the YRAD Facebook Page (on the visitors post if you'd like to share progress with peers / competitors, or in a private message via the Facebook page). If you don't use Facebook they can be sent to 




These points will be given to the dancers throughout the competition for various photo's and improvements..


+ 5 points for every weekly picture they send in to track improvements. 


+ 5 points for attempting multiple stretches (eg Right leg splits + Box splits). They will still be marked individually.


+10 points for keeping a diary of stretching and showing a teacher / sending in.


+ between 10 and 50 points for a picture at end of half term showing improvements.


+5 points for taking a cool photo of them stretching (for example on a beach). See examples... Miss Cheryl stretching on a paddle board, (not easy by the way!) and Miss Kerry jump stretching in a park, and upside down on a pole... Ouch!







Prizes are given to those who have accumulated the most points:


1st Place = A Flexistretcher + £10 Fancy Dance Vouchers

2nd Place = A Tendu loop band + £10 Fancy Dance Vouchers

3rd Place = £10 Fancy Dance Vouchers


(Prizes will be modified for winners below 7yrs old to a substitute of the same value)




Students must be 'body warm' before stretching. This means they need to have done 2mins of cardio beforehand to get their heart rate up and blood pumping around their body. Only then will they be safe to stretch. (Having a hot bath and basking in the sun does not constitute for being 'Body warm' ;) )












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