Why you should give it your all in class..

May 23, 2018


We all have those days where we are feeling a little tired, unwell.. or even just a bit lazy. 

Here's why you should always give it your all in dance class, even if you are having one of those days! 


  • Out of respect for your teacher. If you are to set a bad example, by not putting a lot of effort into a move, a routine or an exercise, then there are probably going to be others that do the same. This makes for a very difficult class to teach. It's not fun for anyone if half of the class are working super hard and half of the class are not putting much effort in. Your teacher has trained and worked hard to gain the knowledge that they have. They are passing this knowledge down onto you, respect what they know and take it on board as a student. 


  • To set a good example for new students.. Set the bar high. New students are coming into a class, and that first class will teach them how to behave in future classes. If you don't give it your all, would they do the same? 


  • Progress! Your teacher wants to help you along in your dance journey, and gives you 100% effort through technique, corrections, demonstrations. If you only give 50% back, then you won't be progressing as fast as you potentially could. And again, out of respect, if somebody is putting a lot of effort into teaching you, then you should put a lot of effort into what you are being taught.


  • To make yourself feel good. Exercise releases endorphins - feel good chemicals in the brain. If you only put 50% of your maximum effort into a dance class because you're tire, you're probably not going to feel that great after. If you put more effort in, your body will release endorphins, those feel good chemicals, and you will feel great after. You also will have made progress too which will make you feel awesome! You're dancing for YOU! and that will make you feel fantastic. 


  • You never know who may be watching. What if one day somebody comes to watch the class, and is actually a talent scout. What if that new cover teacher is a choreographer for a big show and wants to audition some children? You never know who may see you dance, so you should always put your maximum effort in! 


  • To prevent injury. A good example of when little effort becomes dangerous is in Acro class. If you don't give it your all in an acro move or tumble, you may injure yourself or your teacher. There are certain moves that take momentum to get upside down, or over in a cartwheel. If you don't put your full effort into it, you may fall and injure yourself or injure your teacher if they are spotting you. Another example in any class is if you don't warm up properly. If you are chatting your way through a warm up, then you're probably not putting all of your effort in. This could lead to muscles not being warmed up and in turn, an injury. 


Lots of reasons why giving it your all is SUPER important! 


Remember this next time you're in class.. 


Lots of Love
















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