Dance Bag Checklist

March 16, 2018

Ever wondered if you have everything in your dance bag? 


Here's a handy checklist for you. You can refer to this when packing for a dance class, or give it to your children so they can pack their own, or maybe when you're a new starter and want to make sure you have what you need. 


Now I'll just say really quickly, not ALL of these items will be needed for ALL dance classes. So please don't rush to the shops panic buying extra things. And remember, what you need for a ballet class will be different to what you need for an acro class! A lot of the items listed will be spares, for examples, in case you need that extra hair pin 10 seconds before the class starts!



Let's go with a ballet class checklist.. 


  • Leotard 

  • Belt

  • Ballet tights / socks

  • Ballet shoes

  • Character shoes & skirt (Depending on grade) 

  • Wrap around/cardigan

  • Warm up boots

  • Hair net

  • Spare hair pins

  • Hair brush

  • Hairspray

  • Deodorant

  • Water bottle - SUPER IMPORTANT! 

  • Healthy snacks - Not for during class time though ;) 

  • Cover up clothes for before/after class


Other classes may need other things..


  • Leg warmers

  • Black leggings

  • Jazz shoes

  • Tap shoes

  • Trainers

  • Folder of song lyrics/scripts

  • Theraband

  • Turn board

  • Massage ball

  • Yoga block


I've created a Pinterest board with some CUTE and super handy ideas for a dance bag. Check it out here -


Here's a link to our uniform list at YRAD - 



I hope you find this helpful! 


Lots of love.. YRAD 















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