Benefits of Ballet for Young Children

February 14, 2018

Of course, ballet benefits whoever attends a class for many different physical, mental and social reasons, but here we are focusing on young children and the skills they gain from attending a ballet class. 

Your child may only attend a pre-school ballet class for 40 minutes a week, but the skills they will gain from the class will speed up their learning in all other areas. Ballet class will help to shape the flowers they will become as they are blossoming. 


Here's why.. 



Through ballet, children can learn to let go of any separation anxieties they may have, become friendly with new children and trust others. They will receive praise for their hard work and learn to accept encouragement when struggling. Being able to perform and dance in class in front of their peers will improve their confidence for later life. 



Ballet class will improve flexibility and strength. Even at a young age, dancers are working on flexibility in their legs to prevent injury and strength in their feet and toes to become stronger in their technique. And of course, the obvious health benefits of just moving around and keeping fit. 



Ballet class upholds a certain manner in which the children and teachers behave. Children are taught to sit or stand quietly when they are told, listen to what the teacher has to say, support and encourage their peers and be polite. At the end of every class, the teacher will thank the children and then the children will thank the teacher, as a sign of mutual resect for teaching and learning. The manners taught in a ballet class will show in every day life! 


Focus and Concentration 

Even at a young age, children are taught to focus on what they are learning in class and concentrate their energies into one movement or focus. Children are little bundles of fun and energy and the training in ballet class helps them to learn routines, remember set warms ups and techniques as well as having fun while they're doing it! 



And last of all, it's fun! Children make friends, dance, listen to music, use stories in their classes and go on mini adventures in every class. What's better for your child than that? 



We currently have spaces in our Pre-School Ballet Classes. For more information contact Miss Kerry at 









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