Why dance friends become your friends for life..

February 1, 2018


Imagine growing up in an environment with people who share the same passions and goals as you. Imagine getting ready for your favourite dance class, putting on your leotard and tights, knowing that your best friends would be there waiting for you, ready to dive into rehearsing that new routine alongside you.


Starting as young as 2 1/2 years old, you can already see the bonds that are created in dance class between your students. As you watch your students run into class towards their friends, even though they're not quite able to pronounce their name properly, you can already see the adoration in their eyes. You can see the love that children have for each other as they grow up; when they work together in class, supporting each others ideas, cheering each other on and shouting "Well done!" when one of them achieves something new. The giggles that appear during class, sometimes when they shouldn't 😜, only reassures us as teachers that they are having fun and they feel safe and happy with each other. 




Children can go through some pretty tough experiences, whether that be at home or at school, and dance class can be a place where they feel safe. The friends they have at dance understand this feeling because they all have their own things to deal with, yet they all have the same creative outlet. Expressing their emotions through dance together only strengthens the bond they already have. 



So much hard work, passion and time goes into dancing. These children are surrounded by people who want to do the same, and give just as much love and energy into their hobby. I've witnessed friendships that are so strong between children who know each other through dance, only to be strengthened when children outside of their dance family acts disrespectfully towards them. These children stick together, they stick up for each other and make one another realise that it doesn't matter what people think and that the friends who support them are the ones that are important!

Working hard together towards that goal of learning a new song for Musical


Theatre, or mastering a walkover in Acro, not only teaches children that you are not along if you are struggling towards a goal, but that there will always be someone who understands and can support you on the way.





The friends you make in dance class will be with you forever 💗




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