Extra's we can offer:

Make their dreams come true with a dance party tailor made for your individual needs. Whether it be a magical themed ballet party, a shimmy and shaking zumba party or a razzle dazzle musical party we can provide music, props, costumes, make-up, games, certificates, entertainment and most of all FUN for their special day. The session can be done in one of our hired venues or brought to the comfort of your home/venue you choose. Parties are a minimum of 1.5 hours but can last as long as you wish! 

Incorporate dance into your Primary or Secondary school curriculum as a one-off workshop, set of sessions, or as a permanent, weekly fixture. 


These classes can be provided in many different genres and we can tailor make classes and lesson plans to suit different topics and themes.


Royal Academy of Dance Examinations may be taken, to which we will do all the required administration. Upon completion of exams, pupils will receive UCAS points to help with their future.

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