Ballet is the core of all dance genres and all dancers are encouraged to do it, giving you excellent posture and technique. In YRAD's ballet classes, we learn free exercises which build up to the RAD syllabus that pupil's may take exam's in should they wish to.


Ages 2½ - 4. No previous training. These classes involve dancing through imaginative stories and adventures and explore their movement and imagination. It will improve their motor skills, co-ordination and musicality whilst promoting fun and play. (40mins)


Ages 7+. Ballet classes that follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and are both suitable for students with little or no previous experience to those seeking more challenging work. The classes also include Character dance with styles in Russian, Hungarian, Ukranian and Polish to further develop style and rhythm. (1hr)

Grades 1 - 8
Beginners Pointe 

Ages 11+ and by invitation only. 

This class focuses on strengthening exercises for the legs, ankles, feet and core in preparation for pointe work. Once fitted with pointe shoes pupils will learn basic pointe exercises at the barre and eventually progress to centre.


It's important to know that each dancer will be assessed and will only be permitted to go on pointe once their teacher says they're ready to do so.

A solid understanding of various elements is crucial in ensuring they're safe on pointe and will hugely benefit their technique. As such the teachers uses a lot of differentiation in class giving students exercises they're able to individually work on at their own pace.

Pre-Primary &

Ages 4-7. These classes are still focused on creative movement but start to introduce basic ballet technique. It is recommended that at least one term is spent in the level above if a new starter. Please contact the principal if unsure. (40-45mins)

These classes are by invitation only (unless coming from training at another school). They're for student's that are perhaps wishing to persue a career in dance, or have just reached a level of excellence. They will give a much deeper understanding of ballet and artistry and also include pointe work for girls.



Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2

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